Profile of an STS Student


1. Spiritually Oriented, when he/she – listens and follows the voice of conscience.

accepts the common Fatherhood of God and the Brother

of mankind and respects all living things. – has the basic knowledge of his/her own religion and knowledge

of and respect for all the religions. – has a personal experience of God through daily prayer and

awareness of God through day to day experience of life. – realizes God’s plan and purpose in his/her life and is capable of

facing the realities of life with faith in God. 

2. Morally Developed, when he/she

– has respect for Human values, such as sacrifices, justice, truth

etc. – distinguishes between right and wrong. – has the courage to stand by his/her convictions. – strives to overcome falsehood, egoism, hypocrisy, dishonesty

and corruption etc. – has self-control when the situation demands strength of

character. Emotionally Balanced, when he/she – loves and appreciates others and accepts the same from


– is able to accept both success and failure in right spirit. – has the ability to adjust effectively to the physical and emotional

changes through different stages in life. – accepts and respects his/her own person, and has the

to relate maturely to members of the complimentary s – is capable of balancing his/her reason and feelings (he


s/her reason and feelings (head and heart .