Affiliated to CISCE - UP130

Kidwai Nagar Kanpur

Aims and Objectives

With a vision of ‘Serving God and Country through which we envisage a society where in the future citizens of our country evolve themselves as independent, morally upright, socially responsible and being compassionate to the fellow beings and caretakers of nature. Our school aims at imparting to our students a sound moral, intellectual, aesthetic and physical education in order to prepare them to face the challenges of the modern world. It constantly endeavors to devise new strategies of imparting integral and quality education based on Christian principles that imparts necessary life skills to our students so that they become enterprising citizens of our country and vibrant global leaders who will become torchbearers of peace and harmony.

We commit ourselves

    • To enable the students to discover their self, talents and abilities, and achieve personal excellence and to ensure that they are adequate to face the competent and challenging society.
    • To form students imbued with love for one’s country to be a good citizen and take up leadership to build a just society in collaboration with the fellow citizens, where there is peace, love, brotherhood and harmony.
    • To inculcate among the students the sense of the Divine, equipped with intellectual and moral values that enable the students to judge rightly.
    • To create an atmosphere where values such as love, freedom honesty and justice are experienced and lived by all.
    • To promote sensitivity towards diverse religions, cultures and ethnic group in our country and bring about mutual respect and harmony.
    • To cultivate empathy for the disturbed ecology and enable them to radiate god’s love to all creation nurturing every aspect of life.
    • To create a scientific temper in our students and make them conscientious of the problem and needs of the society and facilitate them to act accordingly.
    • To develop and maintain a sound body establishing habits and attitudes that are good and healthy thus contributing to his/her physical and emotional growth.
    • To create a concept of truth, beauty and goodness, and an ne in the form of art, appreciation for the expressions of the same in the form music, dance, drama, literature etc.
    • To become increasingly aware of those around his/her and their needs, to realize his/her duties to society and to develop a sense of belongingness, to accept all people as brothers and sisters and work towards justice, peace and freedom, to defend the rights of feminine freedom.
    • To grow in self-awareness, to regulate his/her emotions and to reach mature growth by self-acceptance with his/her potentials and limitations.
  • To network effectively among our own and neighborhood schools and agencies who promote similar values in order to promote the emergence of a fully developed human community.

We are living in a world, characterized by conflicts between the nations, races, communities and ideologies that result in division, hatred towards others and even wars among nations and riots among communities. We are well aware of the adverse impact caused by the Ukraine-Russia conflict on entire world and especially on the vulnerable sections of our societies. If we have to achieve sustainable development goals, there is an urgent need to overcome the differences that are existing in our communities so that there is peaceful co-existence. It is being felt that this peaceful co-existence can only be achieved through a better knowledge of ourselves and our neighbours. Keeping this in mind, the United Nations (UN) has declared the year 2023, as the ‘International year of Dialogue as Guarantee of Peace, the focus being on, how to bring divided communities together through peaceful means of dialogue.
And even though dialogue is not a new concept, it has only recently been recognized as powerful tool for peace building.