Affiliated to CISCE - UP130

Kidwai Nagar Kanpur

Library Rules

Pupils are advised to take good use of the School Library. However they are expected to observe all the rules and regulations of the library.

  • Rule 1

    Pupils can borrow one book at a time and may keep the same for a week and e issue maybe renewed for the same period once.

  • Rule 2

    Reference books, Encyclopedia, periodicals and general knowledge books are to be used in the library.

  • Rule 3

    If the book is not returned in time a fine of Rs.10.00 will be levied per day of delay.

  • Rule 4

    For any book torn, damaged or lost, the existing cost price will be charged on the borrower.

  • Rule 5

    Books, periodicals, magazines etc. should be treated with care in and out of the library. No writing, ink blots, torn pages, marks and the like in books are tolerated.

  • Rule 6

    Books are issued on the understanding that they are only to be read by the persons to whom they are issued and are not given to others whether of school or to outsiders.

  • Rule 7

    Any student who breaks the above rules will have to pay a fine of cost of the lost or damaged books.