Affiliated to CISCE - UP130

Kidwai Nagar Kanpur

Assessments And Promotions

1-The whole Academic Session will be divided into two terms: – April – September and October- March.
2- A Student’s total performance during the entire session is important.
3- 85% of attendance is essential for appearing in the final examination.
4- A student absent in any assessment or examination for any reason will not be
5- Assessments made by the teachers and checked by the Principal are fair and
shall be final. No representation with regard to promotion will be entertained.
6- Assessments as scheduled and informed to the pupils will be held. They will neither be anticipated nor postponed for any reason except in cases of unforeseen, circumstances. If the pupil is absent from the assessments, because of illness, a medical certificate should accompany the leave application. Promotion in such cases will depend upon the performance in other assessments during the year and at the discretion of the Principal.
7. It is compulsory for students of class 10th and 12th to clear the prelims in order to appear for the Board Exams.
8. Report card will not be given if fees are in arrears.
9. If the report card is lost, a duplicate report card will be issued on payment of Rs 35/
1) Promotion of pupil from one class to another is determined on the basis of performance in the continuous assessments during the year.
2) The maximum marks allotted to each subject in the two terminal examinations are 100. The minimum pass mark is 40% for classes 1 to 8,9 & 10 is 33% and for classes 11 & 12 is 35%.
3) The student should have made satisfactory progress in English through the year and at least attained grade C by the end of the year
4) He/she should have at least attained grade C in four compulsory subject’s viz. English, Hindi, Science and Mathematics.
5) For promotion from class IX to X a candidate is required to have obtained at least 33% marks in five subjects including English on the cumulative average.
6)For promotion from class XI to XII a candidate is required to have obtained at least 35% marks in four subjects including English on the cumulative average.
7) The Principal’s decision with regard to promotion is final.
8) Promotion once refused will not be considered and no interviews will be granted on the matter.
9) The pupils who don’t make the required grade for the next class for a second time or failing to make the
required grade in two consecutive class find a more suitable school to continue their studies.
10) Pupils who are detected giving or attempting to give or obtain assistance whatsoever, during an assessment, will have
their results ca in the particular subject and may be asked to be withdrawn from the school if such an offence is repeated.
11) Any pupil, because of detention in a class, attains an age, which is two or more years above the average age
of the class, may have to be withdrawn from school.


A+ 90-100 Excellent
A 80-89 Very Good
B+ 70-79 Good
B 60-69 Fair
C+ 50-59 Satisfactory
C 40-49 Marginal
D 0-39 Failure
C 35-49 (CL.11 & 12) Marginal
D 0-34 (CL.11 & 12) Failure
C 33-49 (CL.9 & 10) Marginal
D 0-32 (CL.9 & 10) Failure