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The Preamble to any Constitution is a brief introductory state conveys the guiding principles of the document. The values express preamble are expressed as objectives of the Constitution. Let u these constitutional values enshrined in the Indian Constitutions:

Core Values Enshrined in the Constitution
  1. Sovereignty: Being sovereign means having complete freedom and being the supreme authority.
  2. Socialism: Socialism has been made a constitutional value aimed at promoting social change and transformation to end all forms of inequalities.
  3. Secularism: Secularism implies that our country is not guided by any one religion or any religious considerations. However, the Indian state is not against religions. It allows all its citizens to profess, preach, and practice any religion of their choice.
  4. Democracy: The Head of the State is elected by the people, Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
  5. Republic: The Head of the State, i.e., the President, is elected and not selected on the basis of heredity. The value strengthens and substantiates democracy where every citizen of India is equally eligible to be elected as the Head of the State. Political equality is the chief message of this provision.
  6. Justice: The constitution-makers have included social, economic, and political justice as constitutional values. By doing so, they have stressed that the political freedom granted to Indian citizens has to be instrumental in the creation of a new social order, based on socioeconomic justice. This ideal of a just and egalitarian society remains as one of the foremost values of the Indian Constitution.
  7. Liberty: The Preamble prescribes liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith, and worship as one of the core values. The ideals of democracy cannot be attained without the presence of certain minimal rights which are essential for a free and civilized existence of individuals.
  8. Equality: Equality is as significant a constitutional value as any other. The Constitution ensures equality of status and opportunity to every citizen for their development best in him/her.
  9. Fraternity: There is also a commitment made in the Preamble to promote the value of fraternity that stands for the spirit of common brotherhood among all the people of India. In the absence of fraternity, a plural society like India stands divided. Therefore, to give meaning to all the ideals like justice, liberty, and equality, the Preamble lays great emphasis on fraternity.
  10. Dignity of the individual: It is essential to secure the dignity of every individual without which democracy cannot function. It ensures equal participation of every individual in all the processes of democratic governance.
  11. Unity and integrity of the Nation: To maintain the independence of the country intact, the unity and integrity of the nation are very essential. Therefore, stress has been given to fostering unity amongst all the inhabitants of the country.
  12. International peace and a just international order: The value of international peace and a just international order, though not included in the Preamble, is reflected in other provisions of the Constitution. India aims at promoting international peace and security and honorable relations among nations.
  13. Fundamental Duties: Our Constitution prescribes some duties to be performed by the citizens. Fundamental Duties have even greater importance because these reflect certain basic values like patriotism, nationalism, humanism, environmentalism, harmonious living, gender equality, scientific temper, and individual and collective excellence.