Affiliated to CISCE - UP130

Kidwai Nagar Kanpur


  1. Be available if it is necessary, to discuss the aspects of your child’s behaviour at school, sign circulars, progress reports or other similar documents when requested to do so to avoid putting your child through any inconvenience.
  2. Parents/Guardians are expected to co-operate with the school authorities enforcing regularity and discipline. They should see to it that their wards prepare their lessons and take active interest in each activities of the school.
  3. Check the school diary daily, as it forms a link between the school and the parents.
  4. Ensure that your ward is not absent on the first and last day of the school without prior permission, if any leave taken from the school should be da explained in the diary.
  5. Feel free to contact an individual teacher during his/her free periods by taking prior permission from the Principal if you wish to discuss a matter of concern to you or your child.
  6. Be open to listening and considering the teachers’ opinions regarding your child, even when the comments may be less than complimentary.
  7. Exert firm parental discipline in cases where your child’s behaviour is distracting from the quality of learning opportunities for others in the school.
  8. Keep your child at home if he/she is suffering from a contagious disease le mumps, measles, chickenpox, small pox, whooping cough, conjunctivitis and send him/her to school only with doctor’s fitness certificate.
  9. A tag bearing the name of the pupil should invariably be attached to the school blazer and jersey/pullover of the pupil.
  10. Parents are requested to remain regularly in touch with the studies of the child and also keep in contact with the school.
  11. Parents are requested to check the school diary daily and take a note of it and also sign the remarks made in the diary.
  12. Parents must give significant time and attention towards the progress daily work of the children and help them daily in their studies.
  13. Respect for persons, property and environment should be inculcated in children.
  14. Kindly ensure that you child packs his/her school diary/books/notebooks/ pen/pencil box as per the time table for school every day to avoid being overloaded…
  15. It is very much appreciated when parents respond readily and attend the Parent-Teacher’s meeting on days given in this student planner or as and when notified by the Principal and other school events. It is only with the co operation of the parents the school can promote the all-round development of the pupil. The school administration will take a serious view of parents regularly absenting themselves from such meetings.
  16. Parents/Guardians are requested to foster in their wards the habits of neatness and punctuality, qualities of politeness and courtesy of speech, good conduct, and cleanliness of dress and of person.
  17. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to go to the classrooms to meet their wards or their teachers during the school hours without the sanction of the Principal
  18. Parents/Guardians are requested to sign Progress Report, or any other information when so required. Failure to do so may cause great mutual inconvenience.
  19. Private tuition is strongly discouraged. It is important that a child develops the habit of working and studying on his/her own under the guidance of parents. Parents/Guardians may not make private arrangement for tuition with the members of the staff without consulting the Principal. If found necessary it will be allowed and arranged for by the Principal himself. A teacher will undertake no tuition one month prior to the Final Assessment.
  20. Parents/Guardians are requested not to send for their wards during the class hours, except in cases of unforeseen circumstances or serious illness and in such cases half-day leave may be if parents/guardians come with a duly signed application to fetch their wards. But during the assessment periods no student will be allowed to take half day leave.
  21. It has constantly been seen by the educationists that co-curricular activities and hobbies enhance the personality of children and bring out the talents in them and make them aware of the large potentiality that is dormant in them We have various activities in the school like Sports and Games, which play an important role in building a good and healthy physique, character and discipline in the pupils. What your ward is, and what he/she can do, will be discovered only in these activities and parents play a great role in making it possible for both the school and the ward.
  22. Parents/Guardians are requested not to disturb the pupils while school is on. In case of emergency, they should obtain a written permission from the

    Principal to meet the pupil.

  23. Suggestions or complaints if any are to be made in writing with full name of the child, class & section. Any change in pupil’s address and telephone number must immediately be notified to the school office by the Parents/Guardians.
  24. Pareres/Guardians are to see that the day to day home assignments completed by their wards at home itself before they set out for school and homework assigned in the Student Planner is signed daily.
  25. Any personal threat to and/or pressure on the staff members teaching or no teaching by parents/guardians in any form will be viewed seriously and will c for a strict disciplinary action to the extent of dismissal of their wards.
  26. Parents are requested not to pamper their children with expensive gifts watches, rings, chains or big amount of pocket money School will not acces responsibility for their safety.
  27. Any pupil to have tendency towards stealing, using indecent language showing disrespect to teachers or having any other destructive tendency w be asked to be withdrawn even during the Academic Session.
  28. Parents/Guardians are responsible to take away wards within 15 minutes after the school gives over, just as much as they are responsible to bring/send them at least 10 minutes before the school begins. The school will not be responsible for their wards after this time limit.
  29. Parents/Guardians not showing sufficient interest for the progress of their wards or failing to comply with the rules and regulations given above will be requested to withdraw their wards from the school at the end of the Academic Session.
  30. Parents/Guardians must not chew tobacco products within the school campus.
  31. Parents/Guardians and pupils must be fully acquainted with the rules and regulations in the Student Planner. Ignorance of the rules will be no excuse.


We expect that you will:

  • a) Show pride in your school and present a good image especially by behaving yourself when in public and particularly on your way to and from school.
  • b) Display your school spirit by participating in school activities.

c) Make the necessary arrangements to stay back after school hours to participate in academics, sports and co-curricular activities whenever required. 

  • d) Respect school property and report immediately any damage to school property.
  • e) Not bring mobiles, iPod and other electronic gadgets, Show your teachers and your fellow students, courtesy and respect at all times.
  • g) Come to the class on time and bring all necessary materials with you.
  • h) Complete the assignments carefully and on time.
  • i) Be polite, friendly and well-behaved in and outside the school.

j)Be honest and truthful, whatever may be the cost.

  • k) Accept cheerfully every work and responsibility given, and face difficulties with courage and determination.
  • l) Be courteous and sportsmanlike on the playground with opposing teams and with the officials.
  • m) Respect your own property as well as that of the school and also property belonging to others.
  • n) Be bold enough to say ‘No’ when asked to do a thing which you know to be wrong.