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Kidwai Nagar Kanpur

Principal Message

Fr. Melwin Wilson D Souza

Fr. Melwin Wilson D Souza


We are living in a world, characterized by conflicts between the nations, races, communities and ideologies that result in division, hatred towards others and even wars among nations and riots among communities. We are well aware of the adverse impact caused by the Ukraine-Russia conflict on entire world and especially on the vulnerable sections of our societies. If we have to achieve sustainable development goals, there is an urgent need to overcome the differences that are existing in our communities so that there is peaceful co-existence. It is being felt that this peaceful co-existence can only be achieved through a better knowledge of ourselves and our neighbours. Keeping this in mind, the United Nations (UN) has declared the year 2023, as the ‘International year of Dialogue as Guarantee of Peace, the focus being on, how to bring divided communities together through peaceful means of dialogue.
And even though dialogue is not a new concept, it has only recently been recognized as powerful tool for peace building. Dialogue is necessary to move towards understanding different points of view and building peace within communities that have experienced conflict. It helps the divided communities in a constructive conversation in order to breakdown stereotypes and rebuild trust. When people start conversing with each other with open mind, they gain an understanding of other’s way of feeling and thinking. Thiswill help them to have empathy towards each otherand will encourage the people to talk and repair relationships without resorting to violence.
Dear Thomasians, education plays an imperative role in positive dialogue as well as peace building process. The process of education not only provides you academic knowledge but also enables you to acquire moral values, norms, etiquettes, proper code of conduct, decency and effective ways of communication that will empower you to find necessary means to resolve conflicts among the peers, family members and community at large. With the principle, ‘Character Formation with Academic Excellence’, it has been the endeavour of St. Thomas School to form students who are able to make wise decisions regarding the conflicts that arise in the society. During this year we shall strive to develop positivity, recognize and resolve conflicts, become free of stress, recognize and manage emotions and especially learn communicationskills that will enable to us to become channels of peace in our families, society and the entire world.

Fr. Melwin Wilson D Souza


St. Thomas School, Kidwai Nagar