Affiliated to CISCE - UP130

Kidwai Nagar Kanpur


Walk upright, the stars of St. Thomas

Show to the world, what you are,

Let nothing hinder you my pupils

And keep you low and sour.

                                                         St. Thomas, our patron is always there

                                                         To guide us to our destiny

                                                          And showers his blessings upon us all

                                                          At all times till eternity

Our school, a home of love &grace,

Where wisdom grows and children praise

Where knowledge reigns in every heart

Where care & compassion never apart.

                                                          Never forget our motto at last

                                                          To serve God and our Country,

                                                          Always strive to be first and no last

                                                          And that will be your ultimate victory

To uphold the Spirit of brotherhood

In times that may be bad or good 

Oh! St. Thomas our Patron dear,

Be with us-ever near (3)