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r 12 Admission to UKG: must are current trend

(3) and should not be above an d 3. On the date/s fwed by the Principal, Shar e s

will be issued on payment, after which the des e rt intimated. At the time of Pegistration to recent e and the Birth Certificate from the Perforato Birtis in photocopy of the same or an affidavit decating the Disted Birth so produced. List of selected candidates on met basis for a announced thereafter. Admission to Class 9 and below. Depending u s ing Examination will be conducted and admission of the selected candidates merit basis) will be done. Admission into these dates will be condeten producing Transfer Certificate from the last school attended by the seat Transfer Certificate of pupils from outside Uttar Pradesh must be

counter signed by the District Education Officer/inspector of the Scrodis 5. The parent will fill the admission form and he/she will be responsible for the

conduct and fees of the pupil. 6. The Principal reserves the right to refuse any application for admission

without having to assign reasons for such refusal. 7. In case of re-admission after withdrawal, admission fee will be levied again WITHDRAWALS 1. If the parents want to withdraw their child of their own accord and wish to

possess the Transfer Certificate of the child, they will have to give a written application for the same paying Rs. 100/- (additional Rs. 2001- for obtaining counter sign from the Council) and obtain the TC after two days i simple and

after three weeks if counter signed or on later given date. 2. All requests for a transfer certificate must be sent in writing duly signed and

dated by the parent/guardian one month in advance. No transfer certificate

shall be issued until all dues to the school have been paid in full. Duplicate transfer certificate will not be issued. 

3. One clear calendar month’s notice in writing or a month’s fees in lieu of such

4. Intellectually Well-developed, when he/she

has the capacity for thinking and logical reasoning in different situations and is able to draw objective conclusions. has the ability and interest to gain knowledge and to make good

use of it. – has the ability to communicate effectively and intelligently

has the ability to develop skills and techniques for self

improvement and for the improvement of the society. – is able to understand and appreciate the Indian Cultural

Heritage and that of other nations.

5. Socially Aware, when he/she – is sensitive to social realities/problems and is courageous to

face them. – respects the dignity of work and has a well-developed civic

sense. – renders effective social service in any capacity.

– aspires towards and works for socially-oriented careers.

6. Able to Lead, when he/she

– is a person of principles and firm convictions.

– is able to initiate, organize and motivate the group.

– is polite, courteous and flexible enough to respect others views

and suggestions.

– is ready to take and accept responsibility.

– puts service before self.

– it must be recognised that the influence of the school on a

student’s growth is limited. Other influences such as family, friends, the youth culture, and the general environment in which he/she lives also affect the student’s growth. In so far as the school can intentionally bring its resources to bear on fostering the student’s growth in the direction of this profile, it will do so.